DIY: Turn Book Covers Into wall art

If you’re like me, you hate throwing books away, even if they’re falling apart. Recently, I had to decide what to do with a box of old books that had definitely seen better days.

I decided to remove the covers and turn them into wall hangings. I love how they turned out.

What you need:

Embellishments might include:

  • Scrabble tiles

  • Flowers

  • Photos

  • Postcards

  • Buttons

  • Coins

  • Old jewelry

  • Charms

  • Ribbon

  • Lace/trim

First, choose a book cover (You can use the front cover, the back cover on the backside of either).

Using an knife carefully remove the cover. Most of the books I use are falling apart so this doesn’t require much effort.

Set aside the spine. You can turn it into a bookmark or some magnets later.

Your book cover is a blank canvas and you can do with it whatever you like. You can embellish with lace, photos, buttons, charms, stickers -- the sky’s the limit.

If using the back of a cover, look for signatures, inscriptions or other marks that might lend to its uniqueness. Like most of the items we make during this DIY tour, you are only limited by your imagination.

I tend to create pieces that have a vintage feel, but you might like modern. I like muted colors, but you might like bright and bold. There is no right or wrong. Just have fun and create something that screams YOU!

Creating the hanger

With a ruler, measure about a half inch from the side and a quarter inch from the top. (Or select whatever distance you want. Just make sure each side is the same). Mark the spot with a pencil. Using the pencil mark as a guide, punch out the spot.

Cut off a piece of wire. The length will depend on how low you want your cover to hang. Thread one end of the wire threw one of the holes and twist it around the end of a pencil several times. Remove the pencil and you should have a coiled cylinder, big enough to prevent the wire from slipping through the hole.

After you're done with one side, do the other. Again, thread the wire through the hole and twist the end several times around the end of the pencil.

That's it. you're ready to hang your creation.


To make the bookmark, punch a hole a half inch from the top making sure it is also centered horizonally. Attach ribbon or twine.


To make the magnets, I cut the bookmark into pieces, taking into account the book title, date, or whatever other information might be on the spine.

Because I use old books and the spines are often very flimsy. I glue the bookmarks (use Tacky Glue) onto old manila folders I recycle. Once dry, I attach a magnet to the back. I like these heavy magnets.



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