DIY: Wine Charms

A lot of my friends are wine drinkers so I love making them wine charms. They’re super easy and they make one-of-a-kind gifts they appreciate and use.

Because I’m an author and love all things books, I make a lot of bookish theme charm sets. I love this one, which I attached to the book spine of a Jane Eyre book that was falling apart. It screams cuteness!

How to make a set of four charms:

What you need:

  • 4 1-inch hoops

  • 4 different charms

  • 4 jump rings (if charms do not already have jump rings)

  • Assorted beads

  • 1 pair of long-nose beading pliers


1. Using the pliers, separate the two sides of one of the jump rings enough to string one charm on, then squeeze the ends back together.

2. Using the pliers, un-bend one end of the 1-inch hoop in order to string the beads. String as many or as few beads as you want; just make sure the jump ring with the charm on it is centered on the hoop.

3. Bend the end of the hoop back to how it started; it should create a hook you can use as a latch.

4. Repeat steps one through three until you have all four charms made.

You’re done! Really. It’s that simple.

Find charms

You can find charms sold individually or in sets of four or six conveniently themed for anything from the holidays to golf to travel to nature in the beading section of local craft stores.

If you don’t see any in the beading section that strike your fancy, head over to the Christmas section, where you can find sets of ornaments for miniature trees that are just the right size for your charms.

The charms used for charm bracelets can also be used for your wine charms. Can’t think of a theme? Find out your hostess’ favorite colors and create charms using different-sized beads of the same color.

Themes for inspiration

■ Holidays

■ Sports

■ Travel

■ Nature

■ Beauty

■ Vineyard

■ Animals/pets

■ Hobbies

■ Occupations

■ Wedding

Add bling to presents

Attach wine charms to gifts as an extra and inexpensive personal touch for your friends and family.

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