#Mustread 'Perfect Husband' Review

I just had to share this review because it contains a very important message!

5 STARS Frighteningly Realistic Portrait of Life With a Sociopath

This book was quite difficult to read, due to the realism the author portrayed that was much like a life I escaped from, just barely. He had to leave me for dead before I realized that he was the worthless one, not me. I am crying as I write this, but it is incumbent upon me to let others know that this is not just fictional, but actually far too common. Please, if any of this rings bells to you about your relationship, or that of someone you know, get out and get help.

If I hadn't, my children would have been motherless, and I would not have found the man I have been happily married to for 19 years. I learned that real love is about honesty, equality, communication, friendship, and so much more. Real love is not hurtful. It is rewarding and I treasure my husband, he treasures me. Please, never settle for anything less, no one should live a life of fear.

As for the book, I give kudos to the author for demonstrating how narcissistic personality disorder works and how sociopathic people prey on the insecurity of others. It is a well-penned journey featuring a protagonist that is a relatable, fully-fleshed character. The antagonist was done excellently, almost frighteningly so.

The supporting characters are realistic, and the plot moves well. The author was skillful in demonstrating how a sociopath will show many faces in different situations until they finally remove the mask for their prey. She also showed how they manipulate the victim to believe that they brought the series of abuses in due to "flaws", leaving the victim ever less confident.

All in all, it is a very good book, and I think most readers would like it. For those who identify with it, please don't hesitate to save yourself. You are worthy of real love. If you take anything away from this, I hope it is that.

As Always, I Wish Happy Reads to All from the Unapologetic Book Junkie



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